Beauty Trends 2022

Beauty Trends 2022

These Beauty Trends Await You in the New Year!

The year 2021 was again marked by jogging trousers and FFP2 masks in all colours and variations. These accessories will undoubtedly remain with us for some time in the new year, together with the hope that the pandemic will end soon! What we can definitely say is that this year has taught us one thing: less is more!

Many of us now do without the daily make-up routine and have more courage to be natural again. Many people, especially women, reported that their complexion has improved significantly during this time because they wear less make-up.

We also think the current minimalist trend is great - but we are still looking forward to some highlights that the year 2022 has in store for us in terms of make-up:

Rouge: Stick or liquid cream blushes are particularly popular this year. Not only on the cheeks, but also on the lips, as eye shadow and, delicately, on the bridge of the nose. Cream blush looks particularly good and gives a fresh complexion.

Silver French Nails: Many stars, such as Beyoncé, are already fans of the nail trend and you can catch them on Instagram with glittering, silver tips. Other metallic or glittering colours are also ideal for this trend!

Lip gloss: Kylie Jenner's matte colours caused a real hype, and it seems they're here to stay, as matte colours are usually heavily pigmented and you can cheat a bit with the lip line. However, glossy is back! The palette ranges from gently shimmering pink tones to ultra glossy red lips. The tried and tested lip gloss is back and no make-up bag would be complete without it.