Goodbye Dry Hands!

Goodbye Dry Hands!

Simple and quick tips for optimal hand care

Cold, warm, heavy work, frequent hand washing and disinfectants can put a lot of strain on the skin, and our hands need a lot of extra care! The skin on the hands often reacts with fine cracks, is brittle, reddened, or burns. The cold season and the warm air from the heating system are often to blame for irritated skin.

Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to best take care of your hands!

Washing your hands - but doing it right!

Nowadays, in particular, it is all the more important that we wash our hands often. Temperatures that are too cold or too hot, as well as aggressive washing lotions, can put additional stress on the skin of your hands and dry them out quickly. Try using a pH-neutral soap, especially on sensitive skin. It gently removes dirt and dead skin cells, while also protecting the skin barrier.

Hand masks

Use a special hand mask from time to time. It has the same effect as a face mask and refreshes the skin without weighing it down. Tension and dryness can be alleviated and the skin barrier is strengthened.

Hand cream

If you tend to have dry hands in general, it makes sense to use a very rich and moisturising hand cream, but pay attention to your skin type, because very sensitive skin or skin prone to neurodermatitis reacts quickly to fragrances and other chemical additives.

Did you drink too little?

It has long been known that the structure of the skin is often defined by its internal well-being. Insufficient fluids, poor nutrition or deficiency symptoms can also be reasons why your skin reacts in a certain way irritated. If your skin is very irritated or reddened over a long period of time, you should consult a doctor and get the right advice.