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Flawless DIY Gel Manicure

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For your flawless gel manicure, you won't need a nail salon or UV lamp - the gel finish has already hardened. You only have to attach the nails to your natural nails with glue or adhesive tabs. In no time at all, you will have gorgeous nails.

The pack contains

  • 28 fingernails in gel look
  • 1 tube of gel glue
  • 28 glue tabs
  • Manicure stick
  • Mini nail file
  • Instructions for using glue and glue tabs

Tips for use:

  • The best way to prepare the natural nails is to clean them with nail polish remover. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry. With the manicure stick, the cuticle can be pushed back if necessary.
  • Find the right nail for each finger and put them in the right order.
  • When using the glue: apply glue to the back of the nail and to the natural nail. Align the nail with the cuticle and press gently for approx. 5 seconds. Use enough glue to avoid air pockets. Always remove adhesive residues from the skin immediately with a paper towel before they dry out.
  • When using the adhesive flaps: Select the adhesive tabs in the right size for the selected nails. Peel off the adhesive tab and stick it on the natural nail. Then align the selected nail with the cuticle and press it firmly in the middle and along the edges several times. Please wait at least 1 hour before the nails come into contact with water.
  • Remove with nail polish remover containing acetone.
  • Maximum wearing time: 7 days

Important information: The adhesive must not get into the hands of children. Do not use if the natural nail or skin is injured or inflamed.

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Product Lines: Gel Fantasy

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