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Cleansing & care products for sensitive skin

The PENATEN BABY product line develops suitable products for the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. Mildly formulated shower, bath, creams, lotions and more pamper the skin in a pleasant way and optimally support a pleasant bathtime experience.

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Why does PENATEN use mineral oils?
PENATEN uses only high-purity pharmaceutical mineral oils, which are valued in cosmetic care products due to them being well tolerated by the skin. According to the manufacturer, these mineral oils are especially recommended for allergy-prone skin. Currently, according to scientific findings, these mineral oils do not pose any health risks.

Do PENATEN products contain fragrances?
Synthetic or natural fragrances (e.g. essential oils) can neutralise or improve the inherent odour of formulations. PENATEN combines a wide variety of fragrances in some of its products. These are listed in the ingredients as "perfume". However, due to an EU directive, the 26 most common fragrances suspected of causing allergies must be listed individually in the list of ingredients. PENATEN develops products with subtle fragrances as well as fragrance-free products.

Do PENATEN products contain dyes?
The product formulas for babies may only contain dyes that are strictly regulated in the EU Cosmetics Regulation and classified as harmless by the legislator. However, PENATEN only uses dyes in rare, exceptional cases.

Are there microplastics or parabens in PENATEN products?
There are no microplastics or parabens in PENATEN products.

What is PENATEN's view on sustainability?
PENATEN is increasingly using recycled, recyclable and renewable packaging materials. A large part of the products already consists of 100% recyclable packaging.

Furthermore, since 2023, PENATEN has only used electricity from renewable sources for products* manufactured at its European sites. The electricity is sourced from wind and solar parks in Europe.

*with the exception of PENATEN soap, PENATEN powder and PENATEN cold bath additive.