Refill Cosmetics for More Sustainability

Refill Cosmetics for More Sustainability

More and more cosmetic brands are focusing on the topic of "refill packaging instead of single-use packaging". The surplus of packaging materials has a serious impact on our environment which is not without consequences. According to the organisation "Zero Waste", the beauty industry produces 120 billion packaging units annually. The fact that most of this is plastic is a reason to push for cutting back on consumption or taking a more minimal approach. After all, according to estimates, the beauty industry will produce around 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste by 2050 - a scary thought that should make up rethink our consumer habits.

It is undeniable that additional packaging materials, such as protective films, bottles or jars made of plastic, produce unnecessary waste. A better alternative is packaging that can be reused more than once. Practical refill systems ensure that the packaging can be reused several times. Only the contents, i.e. shampoo or shower gel, are renewed or refilled into the reusable containers. This idea has not only been adapted by natural cosmetics brands. Big players, such as Nivea, Dove, Fa, Garnier, etc. are also taking on this approach.

Great product, lousy packaging?

In addition to the "Clean Beauty" niche, where the main focus is on using skin-friendly, cruelty-free and non-controversial ingredients, the focus has now also shifted towards the packaging used. More and more brands are choosing sustainable raw materials and producing less "new" plastic as possible in regard to their packaging. A big pioneer in the field of drugstore cosmetics is the popular brand Catrice. The "Clean ID" product line, for example, contains completely harmless ingredients and deliberately avoids volatile silicones, microplastic particles, PEGs, parabens and certain dyes. Even with the packaging, care is taken to use as little plastic as needed.

In the field of natural cosmetics, oh feliz offers showcase companies that produce their innovative products in a CO2-neutral way and with loving craftsmanship in south-eastern Styria, Austria. These companies include HANDS ON VEGGIES and Pure Skin Food.

HANDS ON VEGGIES not only forgoes the use of preservatives but also steers clear of conventional plastic packaging. The brand developed tubes made of bio-based plastic, which is obtained from sugar cane. Pure Skin Food uses environmentally friendly packaging materials and recyclable glass bottles.

At oh feliz, sustainability is an integral part of our company culture. The filling material for our orders is virtually 100% biodegradable - suitable for composting. Our boxes are made of pure cardboard and can be disposed of in the waste paper bin.