Insect Repellent from SARAZEN

Reliable, long-lasting, kind to the skin

SARAZEN insect repellent products reliably keep annoying bloodsuckers such as mosquitoes, horseflies or ticks away for many hours. The biocide repellents contain the patented active ingredient Saltidin®, which, in addition to its high effectiveness, is particularly characterised by its low odour. These insect repellent sprays are basically suitable for all skin types and for children from 2 years of age. For sensitive skin and small children, there are also products that are based on plant-based ingredients and provide just as reliable protection against insects. If you've forgotten your insect repellent anyway and there was a sting or bite, you will also find soothing cooling gels for young and old as well as practical tick removal tools in our SARAZEN range.

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